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german for beginners

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German for Beginners

German for Beginners course is designed to enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of participants. Course will provide you easy to use vocabularies, fun activities and interactive sessions to the German language. It's ideal for people wanting to travel…

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1 Year



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APG Learning

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01 August 2019




3 Months





Start Date

19 Oct 2019

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APG Learning

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About Course

German for Beginners course is designed to enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of participants. Course will provide you easy to use vocabularies, fun activities and interactive sessions to the German language. It's ideal for people wanting to travel or live in Germany.This course will teach you the structures and vocabulary necessary in order to communicate in everyday situations. It focuses on day-to-day conversational topics and will give you a good fundamental understanding of the language. You'll develop a solid foundation in German through speaking and using the language, instead of spending weeks only on learning grammar rules.


German A1 Level

  •  Guten Tag! – Alphabets, numbers, weekdays, months, seasons, Basic greetings, to introduce one and others, talk about oneself, writing e-mail addresses, pronunciations, different countries & their nationalities etc.
    Theme based Grammar.
  • Friends, colleagues and I – arrange meetings, talk about Hobbies, all about work and professions, profiles in internet etc.
    Theme based Grammar.
  •  In the City – questioning and naming places and things, means of transportation, address search and describe a way, directions, understanding the map etc.
    Theme based grammar.
  • Bonn Appétit – all about food, shopping and purchases, introduce discussions regarding shopping, Talks related to food and cuisines, Groceries, Meals, drinks and shops etc.
    Theme based Grammar.
  • Day after Day – understanding the clock, give details of the time, Family, Relationships, arrange meetings, appointments on the telephone, apologize for a delay, describe Routine etc.
    Theme based Grammar.
  •  Time with Friends – plan things together, talk about events and birthdays, to understand and reply an invitation, order and pay at restaurants, talk about an experience, free-time activities, traits and characteristics, arrange events etc.
  • Theme based Grammar.
  •  Contacts – arrange appointments, understand and give details, reply to letters, professional discussions, routine at workplace etc.
  • Theme based grammar.
  • My apartment – house search, furniture and electronic devices, colors, describe an apartment, answer an invitation, express likes and dislikes, Different living forms etc.
  • Theme based Grammar.
  • All about Work – Professions and workplace, describe your schedule, talk about the events in Past, understand job advertisements, express opinions about professions, Blogs, prepare a telephonic conversation etc.
  • Theme based Grammar.
  • Clothes and fashion – talk on dressing, chat about a purchase, orient oneself in a shopping mall, commodities and story in a mall, shops and boutiques etc. Theme based Grammar.
  • Healthy and hearty – name body parts, giving personal details, sports and exercise, giving advice and instructions, conversation with a doctor, illness, medicines and tablets, health tips and home remedies, medical Professions etc.
  • Theme based Grammar.
  • On a Holiday – suggestions for a city tour, describe and give directions to a way, write a postcard, weather, travel reports, problems in a hotel, make arguments and complaints, talk on travel destinations, tourist attractions etc.
  • Theme based Grammar.

German A2 Level

  1. Around the food – In cooking course, the plan, Dark restaurant, learning with all senses.
  1. After the school time – School- a beautiful time ,where are my things ?, new in the city, education system in Germany
  1. Media in Whole day- what is better?, This is important for me, my opinion is, that’s my most favorite, Movie movie
  1. Big and small emotions- Heartily wishes, Emotions, North German festivals, beginning of the beginning, experiences in foreign countries
  1. What do you do professionally?– on business tour, the evening program, the dream profession, telephone at workplace, how we are tomorrow 
  1. Pretty mobile – on the way towards, fast to the destination, so you find me, A car for all, the way to office, with the cycle on Tour
  1. Learnt is learnt- where is the problem?, professional language, Generations projects
  1. Sportly Sportly- I am fan of.., on the sport, Geocaching
  1. To live together- the dear neighbors, good neighbor ship, my first week, the Germans and their pet animals, animal stories
  1. Good entertainment- Which cards we are taking?, the concert, Celebrity stories,painting yesterday and today
  1. How the time lapse- I would like to have more time, so a stress, the kayaking tour, time travels, Idioms 
  1. Typical , or?– All is different, Man does not do that with us, formal and informal, always this klischees

Learning Outcomes

  • The candidate can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple sentences, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs.
  •  Can introduce him/herself and others as well as ask others about themselves– e.g. where they live, who they know and what they own – and can respond to questions of this nature.
  • Can communicate in a simple manner on common topics.
  •  Useful for people who wanting to travel or live in Germany they will be able to frame basic sentences to communicate.
  • The candidate will be able to Pronounce German words correctly

Who Should Attend

  • Take this course if you would like to learn German step by step, if you want to learn it, right from the beginning.
  • Take this course if you are looking for a course that contains not only grammar,  but also many, many exercises, vocabulary as well as information on Germany and its people.
  • Take this course if you want to appear for exam of A1 level.
  • Take this course if you are planning to travel to Germany.
  • Take this course if you wish to go for higher studies in Germany.
  •  Do not take the course if you just want to learn some sentences by heart without understanding the logic behind them



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