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  • Why Overall Kids Fitness/Motor skill Development Required?

    Health problems and Obesity in Kids are rising alarmingly. Electronic gadgets are becoming a big concern. All such factors are having long term physical and mental complications in children. As parents and elders, it is our responsibility to channelize the energies of kids in the right direction to ensure their complete physical and mental development. Fun Fitness Blender and Bounce Kids Trainer certification have been conceptualized and started with this vision. We want to build an increasing network of Specialized Kids Trainers who will help in this noble cause while themselves becoming financially independent. For More info click on https://www.apglearning.in/classroom-courses/certified-kids-fitness-training/

  • What is agribusiness management course and how long is this course?

    Agribusiness is a sub-field of business, management and organization studies that deal with making a profit from agriculture and corporate farming. A similar field includes animal management, forestry and nature managementmanagement of the living environment, agricultural economics, and rural enterprise.

    Why choose the PGD in Agri-Business Management program by APG Learning?


    1. Program is offered in association with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS SVE) University
    2. India’s Category 1 ranked Deemed University
    3. PGD from ISS SVE (Deemed university category 1 under graded autonomy)
    4. 1-year course, semester-wise Pattern
    5. The unique combination of academic input with a high level of corporate engagement
    6. On-going theory classes during on-the-job training
    7. 360 hours for each semester on-the-job training in industry and project work
    8. Training by industry practitioners & expert faculties
    9. Assessment by industry & TISS University
    10. Students will be a part of TISS Alumni
  • What is EDP ( Entrepreneurship Development Program) ??

    Starting a business is difficult! And, it gets even more challenging if you don’t know where to start, how to reach out to your target audience, how to decide the price of your product or service or how to get a loan to run your business.

    The entrepreneurship development program (EDP) helps you learn all of these. It is a structured, step-by-step approach to help you understand the processes involved in building and scaling up a successful and sustainable venture. This program helps develop basic skills to run a business successfully. Please note that EDP will not guarantee you success, or give you a magic wand for growth, but it will equip you to avoid mistakes that others have learned the hard way.


  • Where can I take a filmmaking course in Pune?

    Film Making Course– At APG Learning, the hands-on training course is provided on film making. it will be 3- months course which includes scriptwriting, pre-production, film release, film editing concepts in detail under the supervision of film industry experts.

    Why pick this course?

    The course in digital film making brings you a world of advantages! It offers:

    • A complete introductory study of the entire process of film making
    • Training Program by industry experienced professionals and faculties
    • Exciting short film projects
    • Less theory and more practical with Camera, Editing & more
    • Weekend Batch
    • Interactive sessions with professionals from the film and television industry
  • What kind of courses can I get at APG Learning?

    We offer both online and classroom courses. We have courses in almost all possible sectors and all age group people.

    1. Technology: C/C++, Java, Data Science,Machine Learning, AI,UX/UI, Robotics, Drone & Many more.
    2. Media & Entertainment: Film Making, Theatre Acting, Film Editing, Photography, Makeup, etc.
    3. Finance-  Bussiness Accounting & Taxation, Market Share , trading, stocks, import-export etc.
    4. Human Resourse and Operations- Competency Mapping, NLP, Behaviour study concepts, emotional intelligence, child psychology etc.
    5. Sports, Health & Fitness- Fitness trainer, yoga trainer, nutrition specialist & many more.
    6. Workshops related to Arts & Hobbies- soap making, makeup, hair styling, painting, sketching, home improvement & many more.
    7. Agriculture: Fish culture, dairy management, goat farming, layer poultry, hydroponics, terrace gardening , etc.
    8. Management- personality development, Ms-Excel, public speaking, business presentation, business communication , etc.
    9. Corporate training


  • Which training mode should I opt for?

    You should opt for an online training if :
    – You prefer self study.
    – You are busy with your work and prefer to study from anywhere and at any time.
    You should opt for an classroom training if :
    – You prefer instructor led training sessions.
    – You have 2-4 days time for classroom sessions.

  • What kind of career assistance does APG Learning offer?

    We have a strong network in the industry. We are constantly in touch with various companies for their hiring and training needs. We identify the right opportunities for our students and help them get in touch with the relevant HR teams. We are proud to get 100% placement for our long term courses.