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About RISE

RISE is APG Learning’s way of telling the job aspirants: We are there for you.

RISE is a venue where the job aspirants and talent recruiters meet.

RISE is a platform created to bridge the wide gap in the employment market.

RISE is a Job Fair organized by APG Learning in Pune in its initial editions. It promises to travel to cities in subsequent editions. The first immensely successful edition of RISE was held for the Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) on February 28, 2019 in Pune.

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Eligibility for candidates in RISE

Job seekers who have received their degrees in 2017-18 or appeared for exams in 2018-19. However, if Job Descriptions (uploaded on this page) have requirement for experienced candidates, senior professionals can apply too.

Note: If a few Job Descriptions (JDs) we put up have requirement for experienced candidates, senior professionals can apply too for those.

Qualification expected: Diploma holders, Graduates, Post Graduates, MBAs, CAs – Intermediate, ICWA and others. A few vacancies require HSc pass students as well.

Desired Skills

  • Decent command over English (For all)
  • Good communication skills (for Sales jobs)
  • Basic computer skills (For backend jobs)
  • Ability to learn fast (For support jobs)

Job Openings

  • Over a 1500 job vacancies in diverse domains
  • Over 40 participating companies
  • No registration fee for job aspirants
  • No fee for recruiting companies
  • The list of participating companies and their requirements is being uploaded every day. Please keep checking

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  • Different companies will have different processes
  • Some will interview directly
  • Some might give a written test
  • Some might have group discussions
  • After the interviews, a list of shortlisted candidates will be created
  • Out of these, a list of selected candidates will be created
  • Those who are shortlisted but not selected, will be in the line of selection as the vacancies arise in the company
  • Candidates can appear for as many interviews as they like

Expert Services

For the candidates: Those candidates wanting to be trained in any particular skill related to the BFSI sector, can get in touch with the APG Learning Team and join a relevant skilling course. The team can curate customised courses too if such a demand is created.

For the recruiting companies: Should the companies hiring candidates want a few selected or shortlisted candidates to be skilled in specific fields, they can get in touch with the APG Learning team, which will curate and skill the candidates to the required specification.

Please Note: These additional expert services can be paid for either by the candidate or by the company. For those appearing for RISE, these will be at a discounted price.

Registration Process

RISE is a free job service for the candidates. So, the candidates can register free. The only requirement is: please read the forms first and fill them subsequently according to the details asked. Right column filled in the right manner will enable us to help you better. Just click on the Register Now button on this page and whoa, you have taken the first step to building your career. All the best from APG Learning. We wish you a brilliant and satisfying career.

Disclaimer: The decision to allow candidates to participate in the Job Fair rests solely with APG Learning. The candidates will be entertained on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please Note: Special provisions can be made for differently-abled candidates. Should you have any such requirement, please make a request two weeks prior to the event. Email on Or call on 8669973073


What exactly is RISE Mega Job Fair?

RISE is a Job Fair curated by APG Learning to try and bridge the employment gap between the job aspirants and employers. This was launched in February 2019 and had its first edition for the job seekers in the Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services sector on February 28, 2019 at AISSMS IOIT College, Pune.

RISE Mega Job Fair is the second edition of the Job Fair which is being organized to help close vacancies in many domains that include IT/ ITES, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Sales and Marketing, BPO/ Telecallers, Back Office/ Admin, Customer Support, HR, Admin, and Services, among others.

Who can participate in this Job Fair?

Job seekers who have received their degrees in 2017-18 or appeared for exams in 2018-19. However, if Job Descriptions (uploaded on this page) have requirement for experienced candidates, senior professionals can apply too.

What is the qualification expected from the candidates?

Diploma, Graduation, Post Graduation, MBA, CA – Intermediate, ICWA and others. A few vacancies require HSc pass students as well.

What should be my preparation for participating in the Job Fair?
  • Register on our website – on this page itself.
  • Keep visiting the page to know of the companies that will keep coming on board and the JDs they share of their requirements. Many have already been uploaded.
  • Shortlist the JDs for which you are best suited.
  • Shortlist your choice of companies.
  • Prepare your own list of which companies and JDs you wish to go to.
  • Do research on the company you will be visiting – employers always respect the candidates who have done their research
  • Be thorough with the JDs you are applying for as the employers can ask you why you think you are best suited for the job.

Note: If you think you need to be better prepared in fielding interview questions and writing resumes, you can register for our customized courses on this site. We can train and prepare you for your interview.

What all should I carry with me for the Job Fair?

We would advise make a file/folder of the documents you carry. You can even have a plastic folder. It comes at a very reasonable rate at the stationery shops. Carrying your resumes meticulously placed in a folder always leaves a good impression. It also does not leave folds and creases on your resume copy.

Carry at least ten copies of your resumes each day. It will help if you can carry minimum two passport size photographs. Will be better if you carry four. Carry a pen with your folder. And a small notepad. If you have your own visiting cards, will be good to carry them.

Never depend on your memory. You can jot down the important points or questions of the interview.

Is it mandatory to register?

Yes. Registration is compulsory for the Job Fair. The registered candidates will be given preference at the Job Fair.

What if I register and do not make it to the interview?

Nothing will happen to your application if you do not come for the interview. But you will miss out on a chance to be interviewed by many top companies coming at a single venue. You will miss out on the chance to approach them so easily. This is a rare opportunity to get so many companies of so many domains under one roof. It otherwise takes months to find out the right HR person to apply to.

Is there a registration fee?

No, the registration free as APG Learning wants to extend a helping hand to thousands of students / candidates who are looking for jobs. We do not wish to charge you for taking the first step towards building your career.

Can candidates who are not students (2017-18 pass outs or appeared for 2018-19) apply?

We will not stop them. We had a few experienced candidates in our first edition of RISE, who were in serious need of a job and walked out with a job on Feb 28, 2019. If there is an urgent need, APG Learning is there to help. Such candidates too can take refresher courses at APG Learning.

Can CA candidates who are still studying in first or second year apply for jobs too through RISE Mega Job Fair ?

Those who will go back to studying the coming academic year may find it difficult to continue with the job and the studies simultaneously. However, it will depend on the course you are pursuing and the job you are being offered. Choose wisely.

What salary packages can we expect?

Each company will have its packages based on its requirement and job category. They will share that with you individually.

Do we need to adhere to a dress code for the Job Fair?

We would advise formal wear. Remember your first impression on our interviewee will be your appearance. That will reflect the seriousness you grant to your interview. We would go ahead and say please see that your shows are polished too.

What process do I need to follow to participate in the Job Fair?
  • Register on the website: fill up the columns of the form carefully.
  • Collect your ID.
  • Visit the venue on May 3 and 4 not later than 8.30 am. (Should you need to collect your ID at the venue, reach by 8 am).
  • Select the profiles and companies that interest you (We will keep putting them up on the website too. You can make your selections beforehand too. However, extra companies do get added on the day of the Job Fair. Be alert for that).
  • Attend interviews or tests, as the case may be, for the selected profiles.
  • Once you are shortlisted, a few companies may call you for further tests and interviews at their offices.
  • A few may select on-the-spot and inform you.
  • After finishing one interview, you can proceed to the next company of your choice and appear for an interview there.
  • Many companies release the list of their shortlisted and/ or selected candidates on the day of the interview itself. If they tell you that, then wait for the lists to be shared – you will either be informed by the company itself, or the lists will be put up on the notice board of the venue. It takes some time for the lists to reach the organisers for putting up at the venue. Please wait for it.
  • Results will be announced in a week.

For more information on the registration process, click here.

Will I be given my Offer Letter on the day of the interview itself?

A few companies do roll out the Offer Letter on the day of the interview. However, it usually takes a week or a fortnight to finalise the results and subsequently send the offer letters.

How many companies will be participating in the Job Fair?

We will have over 35 companies recruiting on a single day. However, the lists almost always gets bigger. The companies and their Job Descriptions are being added on this page on a regular basis.

Will the company provide travelling expenses for subsequent selection process?


How many openings can we expect from each company?

It will differ from company to company. We will, however, keep putting their requirements on the website.

How many companies can I apply to at the RISE Job Fair?

It is totally your choice and your call. Depending on your interest and eligibility criteria, you can apply to as many companies you like. However, normally a candidate is able to appear at the most for five companies’ interview in a single day. So do make your list of preference.

What if I am not able to appear for interviews for all the companies I shortlisted?

Time Management is essential. Prioritise the companies you want to appear for first. If for some reason you feel you are losing out on too much time waiting for one company, we would advise you appear for the interviews of other companies and come back to the previous company later.

Do I have to pay any fee to the job fair authorities if I get selected by any company at the Job Fair?

No, you do not have to pay any fee. The entire process is free.

Will I receive any placement and up-skilling assistance if I get selected?

We will try to provide further assistance should such a need arise. APG Learning will always strive to assist you in giving your best to the company you choose to join. Should you need some skilling, reskilling or up-skilling assistance in the field you have been selected for, you can always enroll at any of the various programmes organized by APG Learning at a discounted price.

Will there be any facility for disabled candidates?

If there is a demand for it, we can make it available, Do inform us well in advance for the same through an email on or through a phone call on 8669973073

Is parking available at the venue?

Yes, parking is available but to get a vacant parking space, try and arrive well in time.

Will there be different timings for different companies at the Job Fair?

No, all the companies will begin the recruitment process simultaneously.

Will there be interviews for internships too?

Yes, a few companies do need interns for some roles. So, candidates not able to get jobs or candidates who want to go for internships for a few months before returning to their jobs, can check the JDs for the same.

Will there be any value-add at the Job Fair?

Yes, we are organizing career guidance lectures for the candidates at the seminar hall. Do attend these lectures before you go for your interviews. The interview process will begin only after the career guidance lectures.

Is there any other activity planned on the day?

We are in the process of adding some experience activities for the candidates. For that, watch this space. We will update the information from time to time.

Is there a possibility of the Job Fair getting cancelled?

No, we will not cancel the Job Fair. However, due to a strong demand from the recruiting companies and the job aspirants, we have opened the sectors of the job fair. So apart from Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies, many companies in other domains too will be recruiting at the Job Fair. There will be various categories for recruitment like Sales & Marketing, IT/ITES, BFSI, Client Servicing, Admin, HR, Support Services, BPO/ Telecalling jobs, etc. In order to accommodate these companies and the candidates opting for these companies, we have extended the date to May 25 (Saturday).

Will the organizing company be in touch with us before the Job Fair?

Yes, APG Learning is already in touch with the registered candidates through text messages, emails, emailers, newspaper reports, newspaer advertisements, news on Saam TV, Banner ads on our group's various websites (Sakal, Sakal Times), APG Learning website, WhatsApp messages.

APG Learning is also disseminating information through job sites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Posters in colleges/ educational institutes, TPO groups, various students' groups, pamphlets and the aPG LEarning website itself.

The APG Learning Team is also giving tips on preparation to the registered students/ candidates. Many tips are given right on this page too. Please read them.

Will the list of shortlisted candidates be displayed on this website too?

Yes, the list of candidates will be put up on our website.

If I need any assistance at the venue, who can I ask?

You will see our volunteers in black T Shirts with APG Learning logo (please see it on our website to know about it) on all the floors. Each company will have at least one volunteer at its disposal. You can speak with them. Otherwise simply walk up at our Registration desk and enquire. You will also see the organizing team at the seminar hall and at the venue in the morning. You can approach anyone.

Where can I have breakfast and lunch?

You can visit the college’s canteen where we organize it. We are also trying to put some food stalls for your benefit where you can buy food.

Our Partners

Venue Partner:

Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development(IMED) Erandavane, Paud Road, Pune

Print Partners:

Television Partner:

Medical Partner:

For Sponsorship and Stalls, please contact:

1. Cibi Varghese on 98817 18890 (

2. Nazim Jamadar on 98703 09909

Event Schedule for APG Learning's RISE Job Fair:

Dates: May 25, 2019/ Time: 8 am to 6.30 pm


Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)
Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development (IMED)
Erandavane, Paud Road, Pune

May 03, 2019:

8 to 9.30 am: Registration
9.00 to 10.30 am: Experts' Talks to the students guiding them on various aspects of beginning their careers

10.30 am onwards: Interviews by participating companies

Note 1: Please sit in the Seminar Hall for the guidance lectures before you go for the interviews as they are arranged to guide you about ways to apply for jobs, appearing for interviews and the many dos and dont's involved in the entire process.

Note 2: We have arranged a few stalls for your benefit in front of the main gate. Do make use of them. Do learn about those companies.

6.30 pm: Ends

Tips to Job Aspirants

  • Always draft a Cover Letter according to the role you are applying for. Mention skills that are relevant to the job.
  • Your Cover Letter must go beyond your resume. It must give an insight into the person and professional you are. So do not write what you have already written in your resume. If you like challenges, mention that. If you excel at analysis, say that. If your communication skills are your strength, it has to go in your Cover Letter.
  • Do not write your life’s story. Nobody has that patience. Keep it crisp. Say the most important things.
  • Do not plead for a job. Do not show desperation. In the same manner, do not show over-confidence too.
  • Do not be too casual. Do not try to get too friendly with the potential employer. Words like Hey, cheers, Ciao are a strict no-no. Maintain professionalism. If you get selected, there will be plenty of time to break the ice and get friendly.
  • Sometimes employers run the Cover Letter through a shortlisting software. So, mention the right keywords needed for the job so that it gets picked up. Do some research on proper keyword usage.
  • End confidently saying why you are the right candidate for the job. Then let them move over to your resume and decide.
  • Check if you have the relevant skills and experience asked in it
  • Read resumes online to understand. Choose the one that comes closest to your employment scenario, and will help you accentuate your strengths and accomplishments. Develop your own style of writing on those lines.
  • There are plenty of professional templates available online. Choose the one that suits your requirement the most.
  • Keep it simple. Do not use jazzy fonts, too many colours and various jarring styles. Subtle one or two colours can suffice to highlight the parts you want to.
  • If your language skills are not exceptionally good, keep it simple. Nobody is looking for an author unless and until the recruiter is looking specifically for one.
  • Check, recheck and re-recheck your spellings, grammar and information. Wrong language skills, even if you are not applying for a language-related job, will go against you.
  • If you are not confident of your writing skills or are getting stuck or confused, do not let that affect you. Do not lose hope. It happens with the most experienced people. You can use the services of resume-writing companies. That will always be a good investment.
  • Always write your full name and contact details which must include your telephone number, email id and complete. If you will be available only on your mobile and not a landline number, please specify that.
  • Links: Now-a-days most of the talent recruiters are on social media websites. You can always give link to your profile on LinkedIn or any other professional website you are on.
  • You can write a brief summary about you. Brief means brief. Include your most important and relevant skills or accomplishments in the beginning.
  • Some begin with the latest experience. But that is for experienced professionals.
  • Use keywords that have been used in the JD to mention your skills.
  • Keep it short but not so short that the employer finds no meat in your resume. Keeping it short advice for resumes always means do not cram it with long explanations and stories. Be crisp. Punch in substance and meaning in less space and few words.
  • Every Job you apply for must have a customized resume. The employer will always understand if it is a cut-paste job or you have taken the effort to write according to the JD he/she shared.
  • Never, never copy sentences from the internet on to your resume. That is the biggest mistake you can make. Be original. Be yourself. Seek help from friends, family, teachers or professionals, but do not copy from the internet. Remember, it is machine that will often screen your resume first. Do not pit one machine against the other.
  • If you have an accomplishment that can add value to your resume as an attachment, you can do so but first, ask yourself: Is it really needed at this stage? There are situations attachments will not be appreciated. You will be able to judge if it is needed or not if you read the JD a few times and understand it well. Do not overdo it.
  • Remember, your resume is your first introduction to your employer. If you do not engage him/ her with the first few lines, he/ she will not read further. Focus on that engagement.
In general:
  • A clean appearance is the pre requisite for a meeting. Always. Make sure the first look an interviewer gets is that of a hygienic appearance. Remember a good appearance will exhibit the seriousness you give to your job and the level of professionalism you promise to bring to the table.
  • Men should have a proper hair-cut and brush their hair before going for the interview. Women should be careful that their hair is either brushed properly, or tied properly. Since women might leave it open or sport different styles, care should be taken that it doesn’t look messed up.
  • If your skin is too oily, carry facial tissues and use them. Will also help to use a little compact on your face to manage that.
  • For women, it is important not to sport heavy make-up. Impress the interviewer with your qualification, talent and intelligence. A heavily made-up face will give the impression your focus is not work and that you aren’t being serious about academic or professional task at hand. Leave the heavy make-up to later times. But yes, slight make-up that makes you feel confident is welcome.
  • Clip your nails. Always, always clip your nails before you head for anything important. See that your nails do not have dirt lodged in them. And women should be careful that if they have applied nail varnish, it isn’t chipped before they head for an interview. Either well varnished nails or no varnish at all. Men: Strictly, no nail enamel. No, not even in that last finger and no grown nail. Again, not even of that little finger you are so proud of.
  • Smell good. Do not use strong perfumes that might put off people. Try and invest in a good perfume. If you are not able to buy one, no problem. Do not fret. Just choose a good deodorant that doesn’t smell strong. Carry it with you. Use it about 20 minutes before you head in so that it doesn’t leave a string smell. Those who have strong body odours (you surely know if you do), better use sprinkle some talcum powder in your armpits and body. Again, not too much but it will arrest the problem. These are all simple tips your parents gave you earlier, when you were growing up. Try and remember them.
  • Do not eat raw onion or garlic before you leave for an interview. You may feel comfortable but the person you will certainly not.
  • No chewing gum in your mouth when you enter.
  • Fresh breath is important. Brush your teeth. Clean your tongue. Keep mint handy. Use it a few minutes before going in. Stay hydrated.
  • Wear your smile. With confidence. That is the best asset to carry.
Dressing Tips

Do not wear loud colours like neon shades or screaming hues. Wear any colour or print you are comfortable in. Do not wear something because that is the in-thing to do. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and is convenient. You are not going to a fashion show.

For men
  • While it is debatable which interviews you must wear a suit or a blazer with your trousers and shirt to, it is always advisable to wear well-ironed shirt and trousers. Just see that they aren’t torn or the button is not out. Never use a safety pin to put it together if your shirt has lost a button. That is a dressing crime. Invest a few minutes and stitch the button in.
  • If you have a blazer/ formal jacket and feel comfortable in it, then wear it. The bottom-line is: Comfort.
  • You can always throw in a tie, whether you wear the blazer or suit or not. But then, either learn to tie a tie, or, seek someone’s help who knows to do it. But if you are wearing a tie that hasn’t been tied well, we would advise: drop it. It is better not to sport it than to look ridiculous.
  • Strictly no half pants.
  • Strictly no T shirts.
  • Strictly no jeans.
  • Polish your shoes. Never ignore that.
  • Wear clean socks. That is a rule. Never wear unwashed socks. They will let you down when you nearly got your dream job.
  • Strictly no sneakers or sports shoes.
For women
  • Wear smart. There are many choices for you: shirt-trousers, shirt-trousers-blazer/ formal jacket, salwar-kurta, churidar-kurta, skirt-top, and sari-blouse. Just wear what you are comfortable in. And let it be decent.
  • Try and avoid loud colours. They dent your serious approach.
  • While there are extremely attractive dresses with stylish designs and patterns available in the stores today, try to keep those out that scream for attention.
  • While no safety pins is a rule, you know when and how to use one effectively where essential. If you are wearing a dress with dupatta or stole and it does not stay in place, then go ahead, pin it up wisely so that it does not distract you.
  • Take care that your feet is not cracked. If you suffer from that problem, wear a salwar-kurta or long skirt and top.
  • Use cream on your feet before leaving home so that it looks hydrated.
  • You can use a decent hue of a nail enamel. Avoid loud colours.
  • Wear comfortable footwear that makes you feel confident. Avoid pencil heels as you might have to walk from one place to another and might have to wait for your interview. Pencil heels/ stilettos tend to lead to acute pain after a while, which will not allow you to focus on the interview. Moreover, pencil heels tend to distract. However, if you are comfortable wearing these, then the choice is yours.
  • If you choose to wear shoes or boots, then see that your shoes are polished and if you wear socks, see that they are clean.
  • Strictly no sneakers or sports shoes.

Recruiter Testimonials

“Thanks to the organisers for such a job fair because it is helpful for all students. It was managed very well, and infrastructure and the support staff were excellent.”

- Santosh Raut, IT Solutions

“A well-organised event. The volunteers were proactive and helped us with all our requirements. We are very satisfied with the event as we were able to get many interested candidates of Xple skills at one place. We shortlisted candidates whom we will offer a job or internship. Looking forward to more such events.”

- Meenal Gupta, Predikly LLC

“The overall feedback is good. All arrangements were good.”

- Pranali Ghanekar, Concerto Software & Systems Pvt Ltd

“It was a great experience interacting with a variety of candidates from various disciplines under one roof. Extraordinarily well organised, well-coordinated and well supported by volunteers. Candidates were given freedom of choice, wherein they were able to pick and choose their employers. We could get a couple of experienced resources. That was a bonus along with a few freshers who can think on their feet.”

- Bhupesh Kumbhar, Zencon Infotech Pvt Ltd

“I would like to thank APG Learning for arranging the job fair at such a vast extent and giving us an opportunity to be a part of it, and the AISSMS college team volunteers who were good support. Looking for long term relationship.”

- Sujata, Prototech Solutions Pvt Ltd

“We got a lot of candidates and selected almost 50% of them. Friendly network, positive feedback”

- Seema Rastogi, DBS Mintek Pvt Ltd

“We selected a good number of candidates. Hope to meet you every year for our placements.”

- Quality Kiosk Technologies

“The way everything was organised was great. We had no inconvenience of any sort. Volunteers were well aware of the process and helpful. We felt as if we were organising the hiring process of our premise with our colleagues.”

- Kulbhushan Singh, Blue Benz

Recruiting Companies


Bajaj Allianz


Experis IT


Altum Credo Home Finance -- Relationship Officer Trainee


Altum Credo Home Finance - Credit Officer Trainee


Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Co.Ltd


Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Co.Ltd

i-process India Pvt. Ltd (ICICI)


Hinduja Global Solutions

PNB Metlife India Life Insurance


Mswipe Technologies

Tata Teleservices (through Premium partners Adtech Solutions and Global Telecom Solutions)

Tech Mahindra



Non BFSI Companies


Eureka Forbes Ltd


Global Step Customer Support Executive


Global Step Test Engineer


InfoNet BPO Services Pvt Limited

Yashwantrao Technical and Training Foundation



Jaipushpa Business Group


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Coreflex Solutions Pvt. Ltd




Zencon Infotech Pvt Ltd

Educloud, Pune

Tech Mahindra Software Developer


Magna International


ZF Steering Gear


Sansera Engineering Works

Yashaswi Group


Usource Data Service LLP




Ziffytech Digital Healthcare Pvt.Ltd

Equitas Small Finance Bank

Intrst Networks Pvt Ltd

Intelnet Global Services

TSL Consulting

Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd