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e-commerce specialist program

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E commerce Specialist Program-APG Learning

E-commerce Specialist Program

E-commerce is the buying and selling of good or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It's also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as…

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Course Detail


Full Time


1 Year



Course Provider:

APG Learning

Start Date:

01 August 2019




2.5 Months




60 hours

Start Date

28 Aug 2021

Course Provider:

APG Learning


Address:Sakal Nagar,

Gate No. 1, Baner Road,

Aundh, Pune 411 007

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About Course

E-commerce is the buying and selling of good or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It's also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems.

  • E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. The Indian E-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026
  • Indian E-commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and is expected to surpass the US to become the second largest E-commerce market in the world by 2034.
  • It is expected that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be via ecommerce globally.



60 Hours

Module 1

 Ecommerce : A Brief History, Understanding E-commerce: organizing Themes

Module 2

E-commerce business models and concepts, The internet and World Wide Web:
 Ecommerce infrastructure E-commerce Business Models,
Major Business to Consumer (B2C) business models, Major Business to Business (B2B) business models,
 Business models in emerging E-commerce areas, How the Internet and the web change business: strategy, structure and process,
 The Internet: Technology Background, The Internet Today, Internet II- The Future Infrastructure, The World Wide Web, The Internet and the Web : Features

Module 3

Building an ecommerce web site, Security and payment Building an E-commerce Web Site:
Ecommerce Terminology: What is SKU, Varients, Inventory, What is Domain and  Hosting, How your website should look, Basics of HTML.
Oversee the product content presented on websites, Maintain large online product catalogs, Updating product data / Specifications / Images, Image editing tools (Lunapic, pixlr).
Manage individual and bulk listings, Looking after an entire listing process, cataloging, & pricing, Compare prices & products listing from competitive websites, Manage company’s website, Monitoring promotional activities at Marketplaces.
Content Creation For Product Pages
Image Creation Tools
Creating Infographics,
Video creation tools
Comic strip creation.
Payment system, E-commerce payment system, Electronic billing presentment and payment

Module 4

E-commerce marketing concepts, Online retailing and services Consumer online:
The Internet Audience and Consumer Behaviour, Basic Marketing Concepts, Internet Marketing Technologies, B2C and B2B E-commerce marketing and business strategies, The Retail sector, Analyzing the viability of online firms, E-commerce in action: E-tailing Business Models, Common Themes in online retailing, The service sector: offline and online, Online financial services, Online Travel Services, Online career services

Module 5

Setting Up Ecommerce Store with Magento CMS
Installing  Magento, Magento Design Concepts And Terminology, Extensions, Packages And Themes In Magento, Applying & Customizing Themes in Magento, Adding  Products In Magento, Shipping Methods In Magento, Importing  Magento Products.
Magento Products Quantity, Magento Product Prices, Magento Orders, Managing Customers, Magento Newsletters, Google Analytics For Magento, Seo For Magento
Understanding Product Types in Magneto: Simple, Configurable, Virtual, Grouped, Bundled, Downloadable.
Product Attributes: Creating New Attributes, Using Attributes For Products. Discount Coupon Creation: Setting Up Discount Coupon, Coupon Rules, Coupon Exclusion.
Customising Store in Magento: Adding Pages to Your Store,    Changing Page Layouts, Adding Links to the Nav Bar, Adding Products to the Homepage, Working with Themes. Generating and Using Reports from CMS
Setting Up Ecommerce Store with WordPress CMS

Module 6

Working on Hosted Ecommerce Solutions like Zepo /
Overview of Zepos CMS, Zepo Themes, Setting up Online store, Configuring Payment Gateways, Establishing Shipping Options.
How to use built-in shipping methods, Working with Product Data: Adding, Managing & Review, Store Configuration, Receiving and Managing Orders, Creating Reports and Coupons, SEO For Zepo.
Google Merchant Centre
Merchant center creation, Data feed creation, Merchant center AdWords linking.

Module 7

Affiliate Marketing
Understanding Affiliate Marketing
Sources to Make Money Online
Selecting Affiliate Program
Applying for an Affiliate
Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
Payments and Payouts
Getting Most Conversions
Day to Day Work Scheduling
Managing Affiliate Accounts
Google AdSense Account Setup
Placing Ads on Website
Placing Ads on Blogs
YouTube Video Monetization
Allowing and Blocking Ads
Performance Metrics
AdSense Administration

Module 8

The First Sale
Making the First Sale
Outline Marketplace Offerings
Effective Inventory Management
Organize Inventory
Packing Guidelines

Module 9

Post Sales Engagement
Understanding Payment Settlement
Update Payment Settlement
Returns Management
Speedy Return Process

Module 10

Continuous Sales Improvement
Research and development on Products, Process, Supply Chain Management, Logistics

Module 11

Live Project

Learning Outcomes

Build your own E commerce Website
E-commerce marketing concepts, Online retailing
Setting Up Ecommerce Store with most popular CMS
Advertising And Marketing of your products
Customer Engagement
Continuous Sales Improvement

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to sell a product—Entrepreneurs, Authors, Industry specialists, Housewives

Fee Structure

  • Starts June -2021
  • Live online Training on weekends ( saturday and sunday)
  • Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • 60 hrs of Intensive Immersive learning
  • Fees- 30,000( inclu GST)





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