PG Program in Cyber Security-APG Learning
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Program Highlights

  • Get 9 Certifications for each module from Blue Team & 1 Global Certificate of PGP-Cyber Security from APG Learning & Q.RITY.
  • Curriculum Curated by Q.RITY Cyber Trainers, the best cyber security brains in the industry from Israel
  • 360 Hours - 9 months of Hands-on, Immersive online Learning. Learn Via Live & Frontal lectures & simulations and real life scenarios.
  • Daily practical “hands-on” simulator Training through QCT ( Q.RITY cyber trainer) Cyberium arena (The CYBERIUM ARENA is Q.RITY prime training tool for educating the next generation of cyber professionals).
  • Full end to end solution – training materials, lectures, simulator and instructors
  • Self and group assessment and reports
Skill Building

Ready to defend the next cyber attack

Team Focus

Overcome challenges while engaging in effective team work

Training Environment

Real network, automation and simulation

Attack Scenarios

Diversified updated real-life attacks

Knowledge Transfer

Experienced cyber trainers

Performance Evaluation

Learning management system, student tracking, scoring, reports

Why Cyber Security?

Cyber security is an ever-expanding issue in today’s world, necessitating an ever-expanding layer of cyber professionals in virtually every field in order to protect computer networks. Here’s a look at the future of work for cyber security professionals.

India alone would need 3.5 million cyber security professionals by 2021

The Global Cyber security Market expected to reach 248.6 $ billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 10.2% from 2018 to 2023

The average salary of a Cyber security Professional range from $125,000 to $215,000 per year.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals seeking a transition to Cyber security domain from any background
  • Cyber security professionals looking to enhance their skillsets
  • Working professionals (Min 2 years Exp) in IT and Management
  • Enthusiasts looking to enter the exciting world of Cyber security


Minimal requirements for students’ workstation at their home (per student):

Intel: i5 or higher
Windows OS
Internet communication –
speed and latency –


  • Certificate of Completion in PGP-Cyber security offered jointly by APG Learning & Q.RITY
  • Certificate of Completion for each module individually by Blue Team
certificate image1
certificate image2

Program curriculum

Download Program Syllabus

Network Researchsec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Introduction to Linux

• Networking

• Introduction to Network Forensics

• Cyber Security

SIEM/SOCsec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Intrusion Detection

• Building SIEM Environment

• Monitoring using the Virtual Environment

• Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

• SOC and IR

• Tools and Techniques for digital investigations

Network Securitysec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Cyber Security in Networks 

• Network Security Fundamentals

• Advanced Network Awareness

• Hardening the Network

• Routing and Network Components Hardening

• Linux and Windows Hardening

Window Forensicssec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Computer Hardware

• Understanding Windows OS structure

• Virtualizing a Forensics Workstation

• Forensic Fundamentals

• Collecting Evidence

• Analyzing Forensic Findings

• Data Labelling and Report Writing

Network Forensicssec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Network Forensics & Components

• Case Investigation

• Advanced Network Analysis

• Intrusion Detection and Mitigation

• Report Writing

Penetration Testingsec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Planning and Collecting Information

• Identifying Vulnerabilities and Security analysis

• Gaining Access and Post-Exploitation

• Maintaining-Access and Covering Tracks

• Penetration Testing Reporting

Python Forensicssec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Introduction to Python

• Basic Python Network Forensics

• Python OS Forensics

• Advanced Forensics

Cryptographysec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Cryptography in Theory

• Introduction to Cryptography

• Usage of Cryptography in the Cyber World

• Advanced Cryptography

Malware Analysissec7accordion icon40 hrs

• Introduction to Malware Analysis

• Basic Static Analysis

• Basic Dynamic Analysis

• Assembly x86

• Assembly Language Basics

Key Features

  • 360 Hours of Intensive Learning
  • 40+ Tools to Master
  • Program Fully deployed on the cloud
  • Daily practical “Hands-on” simulator Training
  • Field Proven Faculties

Tools you will Master

Learning Outcomes

The key learnings of our 9 months (360 Hours) Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security (Blue Team Specialist) are:

  • Become familiar with the cyber threat landscapes, knowledge of tools to recognize threats in the network. Understanding cyber-attacks.
  • Analyze network traffic and create a monitoring environment to operate as a semi-Security Operations Center, defend the corporate network from various cyber threats
  • Analysing network artifacts left on a compromised system, Understanding alerts and advisories
  • Become familiar with Penetration, Testing existing security weaknesses via Ethical Hacking.
  • Python Programming, Pandas, Twisted Python.
  • Malware analysis using both Dynamic and Static analysis methods using Assembly Language and Reverse Engineering
  • Understand Cryptography, identify and crack different kinds of Cryptography using tools.
  • Mastering the steps of incident response
  • Analyzing relevant case studies

World Class Faculties

David Shiffman

Cyber Security Expert

Chairman and CEO at ThinkCyber

Lior Barel

Cyber Security Expert


Rony Lev

Penetration Testing and Forensics Expert


Sergey Grishuck

Cyber Security Researcher


Admission & fees

Admission process


Step 1

Fill up the Enquiry Form


Step 2

Screening call from Admission Office based on Profile


Step 3

Application to be shared with Admission Committee for final selection

Batch Commencement- Feb 2021

Total Program Fee

Rs. 2,50,000 + GST


Easy installment
options available

Faster payment with

sec12-checkiconCredit Card
sec12-checkiconDebit Card
sec12-checkiconNet Banking

Batch Schedule

Tuesday-7 pm - 9 pm
Thursday-7 pm - 9 pm
Sunday-2 pm - 6 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund policy for the program?
No, there is no refund policy for the program. Fees once received will not be refunded.
How to apply for the program?
You can apply by filling an enquiry form. If you need guidance/assistance from our Admissions team, write to us at or contact us at +91 9130070132
What topics will I learn in the program?
PGP-CS program provides a detailed study in, Network Research, SIEM/SOC Fundamental, Network Security ,Windows Forensics ,Network Forensics ,Penetration Testing ,Python Forensics ,Cryptography & Malware Analysis
How is the program delivered?
The PGP-CS is delivered through an Online Live Session mode where students learn online via Live & Frontal lectures & simulations and real-life scenarios.
What is the minimum educational qualification required for the program?
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks is compulsory. A minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience in IT after graduation or post-graduation is preferred.
When does the program begin?
Batch Starts from Feb 2021
What is the program structure?
PGP-CS is 9 months program with 360 Hours of interactive Online learning program & Daily Hands-on Training with simulation.
What is PGP-Cyber security program intended to provide?
Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security (PGP-CS) at APG Learning in association with Q.RITY (Quality Security Solutions company from Israel) has been designed to provide a dynamic foundation of Cyber Security concepts and tactics along with extensive Industry learning exposure.

About APG Learning

APG LEARNINGA Division of Sakal Media Group

APG Learning is the Skilling and Education vertical of the AP Globale Group that has its presence across different businesses including Media, Advisory, and Community Development.

APG Learning began operations a few years ago with a mission to educate students and ensure sustainable socio-economic development. We run some of the most successful employability-related courses in the fields of Media & communication, Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance,Technology & Lifestyle.

Our programs are designed to build entrepreneurs and leaders, who will go on to have a substantial social impact on economic development. With a faculty drawn from the industry as well as academia, learning at APG Learning melds together real-time experiences with academic knowledge. Also, APG Learning has kept up with the pace of Teaching in the Digital Age with our segment of online training as the approach towards teaching and learning has drastically changed with the advent of technology.



About Q.rity

Q.RITY (Quality Security Solutions LTD.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TSG IT Advanced Systems Ltd., A global provider of Defense and HLS solutions, with over five decades of experience. TSG is owned equally by Israel Aerospace Industry and Formula systems. The company operates in both local and global markets such as India, Europe, North, and central Africa as well as the Israeli market. They have unique knowledge, experience, and proven track record in establishing National CERT/SOC facilities, as well as Cyber protection of Critical Infrastructure: OT/SCADA/ICS. Q.RITY (quality security solutions LTD.)  is a leader of technology-based solutions and services in the fields of Cyber Security and Smart Cities.

Both the Organisations are now coming together to launch a ‘Post Graduate Programme In Cyber Security’ which is a comprehensive & in-depth hands-on cyber training program which will advance each student to be a qualified cybersecurity professional

About Simulator

The CYBERIUM ARENA systems are a high-end cybersecurity simulator focused on cybersecurity training issues such as operations technology and cyber risks of the infotech world; it is through these scenarios that participants are trained. Each course training has full scenarios with a set of problems and issues they will face in the real world including labs and class materials implemented in the CYBERIUM.

Once participants have familiarized themselves with these tools and their use, they move on to simulated “real-life” attacks, many of them based on actual incidents. The challenge is to thwart an attack in its earliest stages before it has done any significant damage to the organization’s network.

Training via the CYBERIUM ARENA can enable participants to develop high-level cybersecurity expertise and to maintain their edge with regular updating of knowledge and skills in this ever-changing field.

The CYBERIUM ARENA was developed by the Israeli firm, ThinkCyber, and its team is constantly revising the CYBERIUM ARENA’s training scenarios to reflect the most current cyber challenges.

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