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angular 8 training

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Angular 8 Training

Angular 6 training program helps you understand the concept of this language to develop SPA applications that will empower your business achieve quick ROI due to low development and maintenance cost, and faster accessibility. It helps participants to take their…

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Full Time


1 Year



Course Provider:

APG Learning

Start Date:

01 August 2019




5 Days( only Sat & Sun Batch)




50 Hours

Start Date

28 Sep 2019

Course Provider:

APG Learning

12,500.00 20,000.00

Address:Sakal Nagar,

Gate No. 1, Baner Road,

Aundh, Pune 411 007

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About Course

APG Learning began operations in 2013 with a mission to upskill and educate students and ensure a sustainable socio economic development. We run some of the most successful employability-related courses in the fields of agriculture, media, acting and allied subjects. At APG Learning, we aspire to uplift the community by empowering everyone to effortlessly access quality education.

With an alumni of over 1,00,000+ worldwide and successfully conducting hundreds of short term programs, workshops, seminars, and long term courses, we have entered the online segment to expand our reach and deliver courses for a wide range of audience comprised of entrepreneurs, leaders, corporate professionals, businessmen, farmers, students, etc. We combine practical experiences with academic knowledge in our teaching methods so that learning becomes fun and effective. Since balance is the key, we bridge the gap between conventional academic programs and present day methods to create a stable learning environment that has the goodness of both the worlds.


Angular is the most widely used framework for web front-end development. It is widely used JavaScript frameworks for web and mobile. This course covers in details all the Angular features such as working with Typescript to code Angular application, building blocks such as modules, components, pipes, directives and services. It also covers various other features such as working with forms, form validations, Data Binding, routing, using HTTPClient class to consume RESTful APIs. It enables a participant to get good hands-on experience in developing rich client applications using Angular. It can help open up lots of career opportunities to IT professionals.


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Typescript,
  • Typescript Types, programming features such as variables, data types, functions, arrays, classes, 
interfaces, classes, functions.
  • Setup the development environment for working typescript programs.
  • Set up the development environment for working with Angular application.
  • Install Visual studio Code IDE for developing Angular applications.
  • Creating HelloWorld Angular applications. Understand the directories and files of Angular project.


Module 2: Angular Components and Modules

  • Introduction to building blocks such as Angular Components and Modules.
  • Creating and using components,
  • Decorators in Angular, use of @component decorator, @component decorator properties such 
as template, templateUrl, styles & styleUrl,
  • Registering components,
  • Using @Input, and @Output.
  • Introduction to Modules in Angular,
  • Built-in modules of Angular,
  • Use of @NgModule decorator, properties of @NgModule decorator.
  • Creating custom modules and using them.


Module 3:Angular Directives and Pipes

  • Introduction to Directives and its types. Working with Structural Directive – ngFor and ngIf. Use of <ng- template>
  • Creating custom structural directive
  • Working with built-in Attribute directives such as ng-Style and ng-Class.
  • Creating and using Custom attribute directives.
  • Introduction to built-in Pipes in Angular
  • Creating and using custom pipe.

Module 4: Angular Bindings and Event handling

  • Understanding various types of bindings in Angular,
  • Property binding, class binding, style binding,
  • One-way and two-way data binding,
  • Event Bindings, Introduction to Event Emitters and using them.

Module 5: Forms in Angular

  • Creating Model driven forms ,
  • Creating Template driven forms,
  • Form validations


Module 6: Routing in Angular Applications

  • Routing in Angular,
  • Creating and configuring Routes,
  • Route parameters, RouterOutlet, RouterLink binding,
  • app.router.ts file

Module 7: Services in Angular, Dependency Injection, using HTTP Services

  • Introduction to Service in Angular,
  • creating Services, use of @Injectable Decorator,
  • Injecting a Service,
  • Registering the service globally and at component level.
  • HTTPClient class HttpClientModule
  • Creating and Consuming an Restful API using angular-in-memory-web-api,
  • Calling this service using HTTPClient-get , post

Module 8: Bootstrap, Angular material

  • Integrating bootstrap
  • Introduction to Angular Material Using Angular material UI elements in Angular application.

Module 9: Unit Testing in Angular

  • Unite testing in Angular using Jasmine and Karma framework


Which tools will be used during training?

Browser – Mozilla Firefox, Visual studio Code , Node.js, NPM, AngularCLI, Angular7


What are the prerequisites of this course?

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Learning Outcomes

Participants will

  • Understand the difference between Angular and  traditional web development frameworks
  • Learn to write the code with using TypeScript language and  features
  • Build a robust application with Angular
  • Understand and use Angular Forms, Dependency Injection, Observables, and Routing
  • Explore Angular coding and architecture best practices
  • Know about all the parts of an Angular application including Modules, Services, Components, and Pipes
  • Design, develop and deploy an Angular  application using the Angular CLI
  • Build reusable elements using angular elements
  • Develop dynamic model-driven forms that are easier to unit test



  • Training delivery by experienced trainer
  • Product design based on Industry requirements
  • A set of hands-on exercises mapped to each topic
  • Assignments/Exam/ Quizzes/ Assessments
  • Participation Certificate from APG Learning.

Who Should Attend

  • Web Developers who want to build sophisticated applications through Angular
  • Students who want to pursue web application development as a career

Fee Structure

Fees: 12500 + GST

Time: 10 am -6 pm

Registration details:

Call: 9372260000 / Email:



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