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About APG Learning

APG Learning began operations in 2013 with a mission to upskill and educate students and ensure a sustainable socio economic development. We run some of the most successful employability-related programs in the fields of technology, business, finance and lifestyle . At APG Learning, we aspire to uplift the community by empowering everyone to effortlessly access quality education.

With an alumni of over 1,00,000+ worldwide and successfully conducting hundreds of short term programs, workshops, seminars, and long term courses, we have entered the online segment to expand our reach and deliver courses for a wide range of audience comprised of entrepreneurs, leaders, corporate professionals, businessmen, farmers, students, etc. We combine practical experiences with academic knowledge in our teaching methods so that learning becomes fun and effective. Since balance is the key, we bridge the gap between conventional academic programs and present day methods to create a stable learning environment that has the goodness of both the worlds.

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We Partner With World’s Leading Course Providers

In order to help working professionals acquire new skills and make progress in their careers, we partner with the world’s leading course providers and offer career-oriented courses of the highest standard. Our USP is our approach and ability to offer numerous courses in so many different fields, which helps learners uncover potential job opportunities and enhance their pursuit of professional growth.

We Offer Highly Interactive Courses

Our courses are tremendously interactive and offer learners personal support and all interactive elements similar to a typical face-to-face learning environment. They are designed to equip students with workplace ready skills and knowledge.

Our Course Content Is Always Current And Industry-Relevant

We review our courses every six months to ensure that learners are equipped with the current and industry-relevant knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to apply in their career.


“We need more than hope to create progress and meaningful change; we need a way forward.” -Abhijit Pawar

AP Globale is a privately owned, purpose and impact driven group, with a goal to ensure that every citizen’s quality of life is improved in perfect harmony with nature.

As a business leader, we believe in reshaping the way of doing business from being profit-driven only to actually committing to the welfare of our community. We have carefully selected our business partners whom we trust and share the same values with. We leverage APG’s expertise to develop new ventures, or turn around and enhance existing ones.

What keeps this group sustainable and growing is its value system and the way it combines tradition and innovation. This is what makes APG exceptional.

New fundamental systems are required in this age of digitization and globalization, where our traditions are challenged, new social orders are emerging and political institutions are losing strength.

  • AP Globale comprises of 7 verticals known as- SIMACES
  • S- Skilling and education
  • I- Impact fund
  • M- Media
  • A- Advisory and consulting
  • C- Community transformation
  • E- Events
  • S- Special projects

We created SIMACES since we share the belief that companies should be driven with the purpose to make a difference for the larger good. SIMACES stands for the highest ethical standards, values and Return on Respect.